Looking for uncommonly one and only?

So what does custom mean?


For me, I want every person to know whatever I’ve made, I made just for them. It means making it just the right size. With just the right details. With just the right YOU in it.

I get to add my eye and touches that make it art.

You love to be able to have input, and love dreaming something perfect for you.

I work out the details.

I will have several questions and send a few images of stones (if that’s what you are looking for) and then I can draw out your design. Or If you see something I’ve already made I can recreate something very similar just for you.

I love being able to make something with you. And I will work hard to make sure it’s perfect.

I spend the time it takes to make sure I understand you.




"Whether you're drawn to contemporary or classic styles—whatever your
budget—I’ll work with you to create exactly what you're imagining.

If you are looking to celebrate a meaningful date, event,
accomplishment or relationship with a personalized symbol that stays
with them forever. Or you might want to create stunning jewelry to
match a certain dress—or even to complement the color of their eyes.

Or you feel that being involved in the design process from the get
go makes custom jewelry making far more personal, meaningful…and fun.

I'm here to walk you through the design and jewelry making process.
Together we can create something absolutely unique and beautiful.”

~ XOXO Frances 



The details. 

How it hangs so perfectly.